Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Administrator. New purposes.

Hello I'm Rita. I'm the new administrator of this blog. will always have the occasional book related posts but a new feature we have is...talking.

Talking is a good practice when I'm overwhelmed with so many thoughts and emotions, so begins ttyla.
Or talk to you later always. 
Basically this is a blog where you can post questions; share stories and ask for advice. It could be a place where you can hear yourself better and see what comes naturally from your heart. Sometimes we underestimate the power of self-help.

Don't have a story? Help your fellows and share your input.

As of now I've received about 23 emails asking for advice. So far the age ranges 11-19. Diana feels very uncomfortable with her mothers boyfriend while James is having some issues with his EX-girlfriend. These are real people but I've asked them not to give their real names. And I ask you the same. I will be posting a few so you can help-me help-them with their questions. Your advice could help a lot so please be honest but not cruel.  

If you have a question you'd like posted on ttyla click here on contact page for more info.

My intentions are good and I only wish to help. Why not spend some time doing just that.


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