Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to get your girlfriend back? (update)

Before you read on. Click here for part one of James's story if you haven't read it already.

<This post has been edited with writers permission to allow better understanding and censorship. Story and events are all true.>

School started. 

I watched Nicole every chance I got for days and nothing, it's like she didn't even know me. At lunch I tried to sit and talk but she refused. Shit. Communication right? Isn't that what she always babbled about. 

The crazy part is...I feel great. I loved her. Yes. But I was blind to see the truth...Nicole didn't give a rat's ass about our relationship. She told everyone it didn't work out and Sam just kept spreading the rumors.

Apparently Nicole and Sam were both dumass's. Have nice sisterly love life together bitches.


Yesterday at school was interesting. I'm hangin with a friend in lunch...

"So when did you get back with Karen?" Juan asked

"I'm not, it's a fuckin rumor" I told him

"I know, I just think it's funny. Nicole, Sam, everyone thinks you're a dick hahaha--HEY!"

I grab Juan's pizza and smack it against the floor.

"Yea funny I know." I said

"Ok now give me your fuckin pizza!"

"Nope" I said

"James can we talk?"

Karen. My ex from last year walked up to our table and took a seat next to Juan. Her hair was different.

"Yea sure what's up?" I asked

I knew what was up. I didn't need a reminder but Karen had some explaining to do.

"I didn't tell anyone we were still together." she admitted

"I know you didn't, Sam did. Anything else?"

Juan was starring at my pizza. I slid it to him and he snatched it from me.

"And I wanted to say sorry about the video. I told my friend to take it only because I was excited that day."

"Yea I know. It was our first kiss." I nodded scratching my head.

"Spin the bottle." she smiled


Karen spinned the bottle one night and we ended up making out. I asked her out. She said yes. That was the last time I played that game.
If only I can shut down all the memories in my head like in that movie eternal spotless mind? Forgot the exact name but Nicole loved that movie.

"Ok well, I'll see you english." She smiled

She's in my English class? I guess I didn't recognize her from the hair color. 

I nodded and said "Nice hair."

"It's red magenta." she explained then left

When I was with Karen, I use to be very angry all the time. I would get into a lot of fist fights...even with her brothers. Her parents hated me. The bad kind of hate. They would do all they could to keep her away from me. She had anger issues too. Complaining about everything and everyone. I'm thinking that's probably why we got along so much. 

One day she ended it suddenly saying together we we're like a ticking time bomb. Our love was strong but our anger eventually tore us apart.

Man how things change so fast...especially when your a teen.

I realized I was starring at Karen standing on the other side of the lunchroom when

"She got a big booty!" Juan laughed around a mouth full of pizza

I turned to him and burst out laughing.


Blogger: James explained in an email that his story after my edit is very cheesy but it's all true and him writing about his days throughtout helps him see things in a different light.
Hope to hear from you soon James.

ttyla, Rita

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