Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to get your girlfriend back?

<This post has been edited with writers permission to allow better understanding and censorship. Story and events are all true.>

Hey this is James,

I'm 17 and my girlfriend, Nicole, is 16. We've been together for six months. We loved each other; everything was fine until last week.

I go to her house and of course her sister Sam is there. She's in my grade and she's **  *** crazy.

"Hey Sam where's Nicole?" I asked

"Why the hell would I tell you?"

And then she walks off.

See. Crazy.

"Because she's my girlfriend!" I screamed as she went to the bathroom. Dumbass.

I'm not surprised by her attitude, she's physco. One time she asked if I can beat up a guy in school for her. Hell no.

Eventually I found Nicole sitting outside alone.

I walked toward her and she jumped when she saw me. She always got easily scared.

"What's wrong?" I asked her. She was crying, I could tell.

"Nothing's I'm just tired" she smiled but she wasn't looking at me.

"You sure? why were you crying?" I asked

"I wasn't" she laughed

"Yes you were Nicole. Tell me. Don't worry I wont do anything stupid" If I found out someone made her cry I will do something very stupid.

"I promise it's nothing. I'm just so happy"


I didn't push it and instead grabbed Nicole from behind and wrapped my arms around her waist. She smiled again and I kissed her on the cheek.

"Love you" I said

"yeah" she said


I turned her around to kiss her but she was crying again.

"I know something is wrong what is it?" I demanded

"No, it's nothing, I'm crying cause I'm happy."

"No your not. What's wrong?" I asked again

"Tears of happiness" she smiled "I'm so happy with you but..."


"I love you James but I'm so confused. My sister told me something..."

That's when I almost lost it "What the hell are you talking about?"

The most surreal thing happened then. Sam marched outside and got in my face.

"Everyone knows you cheated on her James so **  *** admit it already!!"

"What the **  ** are you talking about you trash bitch!"

She held up a video of me making out with Karen. That was a year ago.

I looked at Nicole. Her hands covered her mouth and she cried even more.

"She's lying Nicole you know she is" I laughed. I shouldn't have been laughing but I can't believe Sam was jealous this whole time.

Nicole just stared at me. No emotion.

I grabbed her hands and kissed them "Babe that was before I met you!"

"Karen said it was two months ago!!" Sam yelled

"Sam get the hell out of my face or I will drop my fist on your face by accident." I wasn't really going to punch her but I needed to scare her off.

"James just go home. I need to think and you disrespecting my sister is not helping." Nicole said

I stormed out before I did anything I'd regret. Who took that damn video?

And that's my story. It's been a few days and she has ignored my calls and texts. I try to go over her house but her parents tell me that it's not a good time.

I have no idea why the hell all this happened. I'm gonna try to go over her house again tomorrow I guess.



  1. The sister sounds jealous that her sister has a boyfriend and she doesn't, so she is trying to get dirt on the guy. If the girlfriend isn't smart enough to realize what a great guy she already has then she's not worth it.

  2. That's terrible. Sounds hard not to believe in family

  3. In my opinion, James reacting in anger and trash talking to his girlfriend's sister is just as bad as his being set up. I get there is a huge feeling of injustice, but taking a step back and reacting calmly and stating what you have to say will go a lot further than blowing up and giving the appearance of being untruthful. She has lived with her sister all of her life and he has been going out with her for how long? No one wants to believe their family would be that vindictive and hurtful to them (even though we know this does happen) and you don't know who gave this video to Sam or why. Reacting in anger and lashing out is never going to get someone to listen to you or see things from your point of view. Take a step back and breathe and ask questions to help clear up the matter, unless of course you are the guilty party and trying to cover it (see how easy reacting in anger can turn against you?).

  4. How can anyone not react the way Sam did? Nicole is family and James seems like a badass to me.

  5. Maybe the sister was told that the video was recent. There are so many other fish in the sea. Why make a big deal over Nicole? Eventually she will hear the truth about the video from someone else and perhaps even apologize to him but for now, he should move on to a different girl

  6. Lots going on here. Not sure who to believe.

  7. Can you tell us what happened next?