Monday, January 18, 2010

~*~Banners...Appreciation from Art~*~

^~By JenRook~^

^This is actually the latest Banner I've received...smilecrocodile, I love LOVE the reference as well as the feature where you faded Rachel Hurd Wood {Jesse} into the school looks near perfect. Thanks for taking the time... : }

^'re the first to make me a banner...I love you for that! The girl I'm not sure who it is but she's gorgeous...perfect for Jesse. Ryan's picture, I appreciate you taking notice of the model I choose for Ryan...Thank you! : ^ ]

^xxjayluvsjxx...even though I don't recognize the girl...the Color and Sparkles made this turn out to be one hell of a thank you very much, and for making me two X)

^Again xxjayluvsjxx...the quotes...whoa! Very nice touch, I love the way Ryan is reveals his character. Thanks for that ; )

Just to makes things a bit clear...I love art so I want to thank you guys for exceeding the art in stories with these fan made banners. They're more then banners to me...they're creative works I feel very pleased to accept. I will continue to post banners as they come so feel free : >