Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Sale Update. Many great books!

Everything must go!!

Here's the Goodreads link to the books I'm selling:

Here is for Hardcovers:

Here is for Paperback:

Here is for the prices. Only a few are exceptions:

Contact me at for anything.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winners of Spooktacular Hop!!

Sorry for the delay folks, I'm just so busy these days with the wedding and all and so I'll just go ahead and announce the winners...

The two winners of the $12.00 from The Book Depository are:

International Winner: Ladymilano

USA Winner: Mindy G

I'll be contacting you guys asap!
Or you guys can contact me :)

And here some of the costumes you guys planned to wear...lots of great choices and funny's a few:

Little Red Riding Hood post wolf attack. With claw marks on my face, and blood, etc. And my fiance is dressing as a wolf, post LRRH attack!

Noo. Only my son. He's a Dragon!
~Giselle of Xpresso Reads

Nope, can't afford to.


We don't do halloween here, but if we did I would be Lara Croft:Tomb Raider



I'm going old-style ghost and putting a sheet over my head :P

Yup a hobo lol


Yes, I'd like to be Kuntilanak, it's a Indonesian ghost! Just google it! :D


...Got a lot of people saying they were going to be Katniss from The Hunger Games too. Awesome!
Hope you guys had a great Halloween or a fun weekend!
See ya'll in a few days!