Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reese by Lori Handeland Review

*This book is for adults*
Mass Market Paperback
Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation 
Series: Rock Creek Six
Book 1/6

Book Description:


Haunted by the war, Reese has vowed to keep his past--and his pain--to himself. Now a gun for hire, he can't refuse schoolteacher Mary McKendrick's request to rid Rock Creek of the outlaws who threaten to destroy the town, as long as one thing is clear: When the job is done, he'll move on. Yet stubborn, pretty Mary is determined to unearth the secrets he guards like a hidden treasure--and with each soulful passionate kiss, Reese is finally tempted to dream of a future by her side and in her arms, hoping she'll want the only thing he has left to offer--his love.

My thoughts:

"Their friendship forged during the bloody battles of the war Between the States, they are men with nothing left but their honor: When one calls, the others answer-and this time they will gather in the tiny town of Rock Creek, Texas, where their brand of justice is the only possible salvation...and where each man will find a woman determined to open his heart to love."

This was the first western romance book I was able to finish. In previous reads, I felt like I was in two different time periods or too bored with western ways; Reese wasn't too western or too was just right. It had it's flaws but Reese's story was touching and made me decide it's not worth judging a book just by a few imperfections. Lori Handeland is a wonderful writer. Her book kept me entertained with very enjoyable characters from start to end.

Yes. The Characters. Specifically the Rock Creek Six!

Reese, Sullivan, Rico, Jed, Nate and Cash. Men I will never forget. They have the best personalities when you're in the mood to read a story with close guy-friends who have much respect for one another. Mary, the school teacher whom Reese has fallin in love with is another great character in the story, Reese and Mary's relationship was one the best.

All in all, the action, to the romance to the dialogue from the characters...everything came together splendidly. 

I'm currently reading Sullivan's story, book two in the Rock Creek Six Series, and it's just as good so far.