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My mom's it xxxxxx abuse? (Update)

Before you read on. Click here for part one of Diana's story if you haven't read it already.

Hey Rita and others,

Thank you all for your advice. My mom was wondering why I've been so distant. So I decided to let it all out. Mostly.

I don't want to use real names so I'll call my mom's boyfriend Robert.

3 days ago...

"You want to come over and watch a movie later?" my friend Zena asked

"I can't, fuck face is coming over." I said. Robert comes almost everyday now.

"Why do you hate him so much?" she laughed "Yea he's ugly but your mom really likes him right"

"Doesn't mean I should."

"Is he mean to you?"

"No, too nice actually."

"Ok then just let them be, you probably still have to a-just." she said "Anyway did Mick ever text you back."

Mick is our friend since elementary school and he got sick with a virus yesterday and we haven't heard from him since. 

We talked a little more then went our separate ways. When I got home Robert was there and I just said hi and went to my room. Mom disapproved but I told her I was really tired.

Knock Knock.


"Diana? can I come in?"


Robert came in anyway and said he asked my mom if he can talk to me.

"About what?" I asked

"I just want to make sure you're okay."

"I am."

He smiled knowingly and spread his arms wide.

"Wanna hug?" he asked

"Nope I'm fine."

He dropped his arms and walked toward me.
I backed away.

"Diana, you always seem uncomfortable around me. And it hurts."

"That's just how I am." I said

"You know you have your mom's features. Her eyes, her lips...very beautiful"


"You know what Robert you're right, there is something wrong and I'm gonna talk to my mom about it soon but I just need some time." I said  "Thanks for the talk thou"

He leaves me alone thankfully. That night when it was just me and my mom I was explaining to her that Robert says stupid things I don't want to hear and he's alien to me. My mom said he's just trying to get me to like him.I didn't tell my mom the time he held my hand one too many times or the time he squeezed my thigh when all of us were watching a movie. Shit I feel so stupid. Nothing feels right anymore...

Around 1:00am that night...

I snapped and called my friend Zena and started crying and complaining about everything.

"Are you sure he's not trying to be fatherly?" she asked thru the phone

"Not even close."

"Then why don't you just call the cops?"  she said

"That's going too far" I told her

Could I be over exaggerating.


"Diana you want to invite your friends to Dave and Buster's tonight" my mom asked me

"I already did." I said.

"Ok good. Get ready cause we're leaving soon."

I go to my room to get dressed and almost scream when I find Robert sitting on my bed. Yikes.

"Diana, what exactly did you tell your mom about me?"

"Get out of my room." I said.

"Don't be rude Diana. I'm just trying to understand why-"

"It's none of your business how I act or what I say to anybody"

"Come on what did you say?" he asked "That time I touched your leg haha. I was only excited for the movie Diana why else do you think--"

'Get out of my room." I told him

"Yea she said get the hell out of her room!"

Mick, my friend, slams my door open wide and gets in Robert's face. Zena walks over to stand by me.

Robert laughs and places a hand on Mick's shoulder. "How are you Mick?"

Mick ignores him and jerks his hand away.

"Fuck you douchebag! Who the fuck you think you are huh?"


"No Diana! No! Fuck making you cry and making you feel like shit and you don't tell us nothing. Fuck that!"

"Zena?" I looked at her. She told.

"Zena told me everything Diana and it's not nothing!" Mick shouted

"Zena I told you not to tell anyone!" I said

"What's going on in here?" My mom came in shouting.

"It's nothing, were all just excited for tonight right guys?" Rob lied

"Mick is it true? Has Diana been crying?" my mom asked calmly

"Yes ma'am." Mick answered.

"Diana I told you Rob is just trying to get to know you!" my mom whispered angrily

"Ma'am," Mick interrupted " Rob has been touching Diana in ways she doesn't like and-"

"Diana!!" my mom yelled "what are you telling everyone! I can't believe this honey this is embarrassing!"

"It's fine, it was all a misunderstanding..." Rob lied again.

"Zena, Mick...I'm sorry but you two have to leave now." my mom said

"Ma why are you kicking them out! Kick Rob out!" I shrieked

"Ok that's it your staying in your room tonight."


"Mick, Zena goodbye." my mom said, ignoring me.

Zena looked at me like she was sorry and left. Mick stared at Rob in disgust and then left.

"Rob I need to speak with my daughter alone"

"I'll be waiting downstairs." Rob nodded

My mom shut the door and sat next to me.

"I don't want to talk about anything." I said

"Tell me what is going on Diana." my mom asked

"Why should I? You don't care or believe me."

"Because your making up things that--"

"Just leave already! Aren't you gonna be late?" I said "Rob's waiting."

I know I could be misunderstanding this whole thing but I wish my mom would be on my side for at least one second.

Eventually they all left and I snuck out. I texted Zena to meet me in Micks house. 

Ttyla, Diana

<This post may have been edited by the writers permission to allow better understanding and censorship>

Blogger: I didn't add the part where she meets up with Mick and eventually Zena because she was a little confusing in her email when she sent this so let me get that settled. It was also very sensual too so I have to see about that as well <laughs> Would you guys like to know that part? So I can make sure with Diana.

Ttyla, Rita

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