Friday, December 10, 2010

Over the Moon by Diane Daniels Review

Published: July 27th 2010 by Tate Publishing

Paperback, 256 pages

Book Description:

When seventeen-year-old Tiana moves to Hurricane, Utah, her comfortable world is turned upside down as she traverses the rough waters of adjusting to a small town and new school. Her father insists they were supposed to move here for some unknown, important purpose, and the voice in her head tells her not to argue. After resigning herself to being a miserable outcast, Tiana finds that she is not only accepted by most of the students at her new high school but is also the recipient of unwelcome attention from the opposite sex.

But then she meets the mysterious Andrew Martin and is soon Over the Moon crazy about him. Andrew seems to be the perfect boyfriend: protective, tender, good with her parents, and a fabulous kisser. But he also has a few unusual qualities: an intuitiveness that borders on mind reading, a touch that seems to heal, and almost superhuman strength. Tiana marvels at his talents but doesn't seriously consider the implications until she can no longer ignore the clues: Andrew does not belong on Earth. When Andrew admits his true identity, Tiana enters a world previously unknown to her and is plunged into mortal danger as it is Andrew's sworn duty to combat evil, extraterrestrial villains who wish to invade Earth and enslave mankind.


The author might as well have used all the names mentioned in Twilight, and I mean all of them. And what the heck, why not throw in the setting in there too.

Over the moon had a lot potential. There were times in the book where I was engrossed in learning all about the extraterrestrial and Andrew Martins' world. It was the only part of the story that was thought provoked. I could care less about Tiana...the only dialog that came from her was,

"The bell rang, and he was gone. How did he manage to get out of the room so fast? Was he trying to avoid me...?"

"...I feel so stupid. I was so angry at Jordan. He attacked me in a cave. I ran away..."

The passion in the novel was all to heard of by many of Twilight read-a-likes. However there were a few olden days love gestures that I liked but not enough to save the story in all. By the end of the book, I envisioned the author taking more time to make this a much more spectacular, unique read and thought...WOW, this could have been brilliant.

Too bad really. The best thing about this book was the cover art.


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  1. I'm sorry to see that you didn't like this one. I absolutely hate it when a book seems so full of potential, but falls short. Better luck next time :)