Friday, October 28, 2011

"So yeah, you're gettin' kind of lazy Meghan"

To all followers of my blog,

This, I'm about to share, is that important message I uploaded a few days ago but with words this time. I uploaded the other post too early by accident.

And this is how I've been feeling in the last two weeks:

As I've mentioned before, my sister will be getting married very soon...very very about a week. I don't know how American traditions are but where I'm from the people who are really close to the bride have to do a lot, so much I'd rather lock myself in a book store...

But I'm close to my sister and I'm probably going to cry a river when she leaves. I wouldn't miss her wedding even if the local book shop was having a "Free Book Day!" event.


Anyway back to the point. It's been really tough getting things done with the wedding coming up and so it's hard to post reviews as frequently as I usually do. I barely have the time to read.

For example,

In Macy's (clothing store) fitting room:

My sister the Bride: Meghan, how many skirts did you try on in there?
Me: About...none. *smile* I was reading.
My sister the Bride: *shakes head*

But most of the time, I'm taking care of my kid brother and kid sister so that my mom and and the bride can shop because...

she's moving out of state. Which means the wedding is out of state. Which means I won't be blogging normally from November 2 - November 10. I'll be on hiatus if you will. Sucks but it is what it is.

However I will announce the winner of the Spooktacular Giveaway on November 1.

Thanks for listening guys,

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  1. Weddings are those things that we hate but have to do/assist/etc but when are almost ending you realize that you had had a good time.
    Enjoy all that you can and congrats to your sis :)