Friday, October 22, 2010

Masked by Norah McClintock Review

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Rosie walks in on an armed robbery in her father's convenience store. Who is the masked man? And why does she think she knows him?

Everyone has something to hide.
There's a masked man in the store, and it isn't Halloween.
I duck down again—fast.
I hear someone say, "This is a stickup." It's the guy in the mask. He has a weird voice, like it's not a normal voice. He says, "Is there anyone else in the store?"
That tells me that the masked man hasn't seen me.
"No," my dad says without even a second's hesitation.


...I feel her tremble, and I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry I have to scare her. But there's no other way. I watch the old man lower his hands to the cash cash register. I wonder how much money is in there...

Masked for me was envisioning with many unexpected turn of events. Norah McClintock has done a few Orca books as well as her popular novels published by Scholastic Canada. This is my second book by McClintock and although this one is placed on the pile for reluctant readers, I can't help but recommended this book to any YA books fanatic.

When I read, I like the feeling that I'm right by the characters side, (depending on who was telling the story from their point f view; Daniel, Rosie, or the masked man) feeling how they feel, thinking the way they's real, so true

Rosie, the daughter of the man whose store is getting robbed finds herself in a very sticky situation...maybe even more than Daniel, the boy who walks through the doors hoping for a grab and go rather than a stick up by a masked man. Corey (Rosie's boyfriend) who's somewhat a minor character in the story turns out to be quite essential himself...poor kid is waiting for Rosie to run off with but finds that people aren't always what they seem to be. Which brings me to story's' message...people aren't really honest with themselves, therefore dishonest with anyone in their path.

I was very impressed by McClintocks ability to write such as interesting story in a matter of 108 pages...the story came together really good too. This gets a 4/5 only because it's a little too short.


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