Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dooley Takes the Fall by Norah McClintock Review

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Right away, Dooley knows he's in trouble. For one thing he's got a record. For another, the dead kid isn't exactly a stranger - and he's no friend.

So slowly the net begins to close around 17-year-old Dooley, a troubled lone wolf who has a couple of strikes against him already. Not many are on Dooley's side; in fact at times he even wonders whether his uncle - a retired cop - thinks he's guilty again. There's a big question of trust in their uneasy relationship, and his uncle is the only one standing between Dooley and big time disaster.

The dead kid's sister Beth is someone Dooley would like to have think better of him as well - but she also suspects he's involved in the crime. And all around him are other teenagers at school and in the world he's drawn into who would like to pin him with responsibility for a growing number of murders that swirl through the city.

This book isn't my usual style of what I like to read but I fell in the mood for a book that wasn't too well known but has a great message and tells of a troubled teen. This story was just what I was looking for.

Dooley, the hero of the book, is not as typical as one might think after reading the book description: Dooley actually feels real, a loner who doesn't come off as desperate but rather so intriguing that it has the reader memorized by how he deals with problems and life in general.

The story in general was a great read. Full of drama, suspense and a tinge of romance that was just above satisfaction.

This is the second book I've read by Norah McClintock and certainly not the last. So far her books have shown so much truthfulness in all it's characters and generation that would make any reader stop and think why there isn't enough praise coming through for these stories(Click here for my Review for Masked).

When I realized there were more books to this series I was ecstatic. There are three books in total: Dooley Takes the Fall, Homicide Related, Victim Rights.


Homicide Related (Ryan Dooley #2) Victim Rights (Ryan Dooley #3)

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