Wednesday, November 18, 2009

♥ Twilight Converse Contest ♥

Hey guys, thank you for visiting my website. I know it’s not GREAT but I’ll update as much as possible.

Okay so about the…♥Twilight Converse Contest♥…I’m not sure if its official but I’d like to know what you guys think first. The artist who made them for me lives overseas so they were rather expensive : P

♥I was a crazy Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Fan♥ but over the past few months I’ve eased up a bit for my own health LOL. Not really…I just took it easy for awhile. I’m still a huge fan of the books and always will be.

I’d appreciate your feedback and any comments you have about the idea. I’ll also take any questions.

Thanks again and I hope you Enjoy my stories and pics : )

Love JenRook ♥


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  2. I think the idea of a contest to win the Twilight shoes would be intresting. But, as you said, they are expensive so it wouldn't really be the easiest thing to give away. There is also the matter of - if people want to wear them - the size they come in. Anyways, I'd be intrested :) The shoes look pretty cool.

    I'm on Quizilla.

  3. Those shoes are awesome! I would be interested too. I'm on quizilla too (Which is where I found out about the shoes)